January’s Obsession: Lighting

My most recent vintage obsession is lighting.  I love it and I don’t know why, but any window display I come across I am immediately drawn to the lighting.  Of course, lighting of some form has been around since fire was discovered, and some of the earliest mass produced items are thought to be oil lamps from an early age.

I find there is something homely about oil lamps, and the beautiful designs you can find amongst the vintage stores are so inviting that I just want to curl up with a good book for a cosy evening in.  Now, I’m no interior designer by any stretch of the imagination, but when I see those little antique oil lamps, in any colour you can imagine, my mind starts redecorating my bedroom around these bedside lights.

lamp lamp2 lamp3

(Above images courtesy of Evie B’s Young at Heart)

And I’m definitely not alone in my fondness for these.  Evie B’s Young at Heart have a beautiful collection of oil lamps and share my passion.  The above images are all from their selection and here’s what they had to say:

“My husband and I have a bit of an obsession with antique oil lamps – no matter what shape or size.  However, we simply adore these handsome little vintage nursery oil lamps.  Each little lamp holds about a cup full of paraffin and gives out the same amount of light as a candle.  These were often used in children’s bedrooms as they have a rounded, weighted base so if knocked by little hands they righted themselves and hopefully didn’t start a fire!

We love the fact they come in a variety of colours and shapes.  We simply adore the ones that are worn and rusted to perfection.  We find them almost impossible to resist.  We hope you agree that these are true little vintage treasures.”

As much as I love these cute vintage finds, I am also drawn to a more modern lighting display.  Some of the pieces I have seen draw me in with their almost industrial design.

lighting (2) lighting (4) lighting (5)

(Above images courtesy of Retro Bazaar Ltd)

The industrial style is very ‘in vogue’ right now, it can be seen everywhere, from people’s kitchens to restaurants and coffee shops.  The metal casings, such as the deep green shade above, come in so many colours, and are easy to change so work with any scheme you may have going on.  There are also some great table lamps available, with their metal framework and maybe a hint of rust just for good measure (I find it adds to the character).

Slightly more modern still are some of the retro finds that are out there.  Bright colours, funky designs and an all round ‘feel good’ vibe make these eye-catchers a good addition to any room, bringing colour and attention to them even if they are sat in the corner.

With thanks to: Evie B’s Young at Heart (https://www.eviebyoungatheart.co.uk) and Retro Bazaar Ltd. (http://www.retro-bazaar.co.uk)