February’s Obsession: Luggage

This month I just can’t get enough of vintage luggage.  Those huge industrial chests, or quirky pieces that have been made into furniture, anything that tells a story.

Now of course, the most obvious use of a massive flat topped trunk is a great coffee table.  These are increasing in popularity, and manage to fit in with so many different styles in the home.  Although in their simplest forms some of these trunks are simply cubes of wood, the added details and design specifics can take a piece to any era and any style.

For example, the beautiful piece below in the left-hand image below is a Victorian trunk with some wonderful gothic details.  I for one have an interest in gothic features, be they in architecture, jewellery or homeware such as this piece.  The metal trims catch my eye and the designs of the locks on this trunk really complete it’s style.

The centre image below is also a great find.  It’s military style means it will always be noticed in any room, and the unusual opening of this trunk makes it versatile and a great addition to a house.  The front face folds downwards, containing lots of hidden storage.  Some of the best features on this piece are from its military past, including the steel edges, clasps and ID plates making it a trunk with a story.

Images courtesy of Vintage Trunks and Chests: vintagetrunksandchests.co.uk 

The right-hand image above is a dome topped carriage trunk.  It caught my attention because not only is it a gorgeous colour, but you can just see that it is well lived.  Although with some vintage items I am drawn to the styling, with this trunk I can’t help but imagine the story behind it.  The shape doesn’t make it suitable for a table as with the other two pieces, but it’s not difficult to picture it at the end of the bed full of winter blankets and cuddly toys.


As well as these giant trunks, I have noticed suitcases becoming more popular decorative items.  Without such an obvious use around the house, people are becoming more creative in order to work them into the room.

The left hand image below is a beautiful green suitcase that really captures what everyone loves about vintage travel items.  Although in this case the stickers on the front are reproduction items, I still love how I’m taken back to an era where the world of travel was just opening up to a wider audience.

Images courtesy of Trunks and Cases: trunksandcases.co.uk 

Of course, items such as these can have practical uses as well as just something nice to look at.  From home storage to transportation, you can still use things as they were originally intended, or can find them a different purpose.  The middle image above was originally a wicker laundry casket, but to I can just imagine packing it full of sandwiches and blankets and heading to the park on a sunny afternoon.

And then you can take things even further.  The right-hand image is the perfect example of that, an item repurposed, made into something new.  And why not?  Because really all this market is about is making things that were once treasured into a new item to love.