How much do you charge?

All the features on The Vintage Network are completely free. There are no listing fees, no monthly payments and we do not take a percentage of your sales. 

Do you ask for credit card information?

All of our services are free to use so we have no need to have your sensitive information. If anyone asks for it claiming to be from this site, it is likely a scam and should be reported immediately. 

How long have you been running?

The Vintage Network has been providing a service for vintage traders and the general public since 2016.

Is your site secure?

We use SSL encryption which helps to prevent ‘middle man’ hacking attempts. In the current age every site should be using SSL encryption. Just look for the padlock in your browser for confirmation.



Do you have a cap on the amount of items I can upload?

Nope! You can list as many items as you like and unlike some sites these will not expire or be taken offline (we reserve the right to remove an item if it breaches our T&C’s).

Do you limit the amount of images per item?

We do not have a limit on the amount of images per item. It is worth noting that the more images you upload the longer your item’s page will take to load. Therefore we recommend no more than 15 images.

Can I edit my items?

Yes, every item can be edited from your very own “My Account” page which includes the ability to mark the item as sold, or delete the item altogether.

Reproduction items?

We allow the sale of reproduction items on this site providing they are clearly marked as reproduction without the intention to deceive any potential buyers (offences will lead to a lifetime ban). We urge all buyers to perform any checks and to get the item looked at professionally. 



Can I join your directory?

Absolutely. As long as you’re a trader or have a company which operates within the interests of vintage or antique items you’re more than welcome to sign up.

How can I join?

You need to sign up for a free account. Once registered, there will be a button on your “My Account” dashboard which will allow you to upgrade your account to trader status. Once you’re a “trade user” the options to add/edit a directory listings will appear in your “My Account” dashboard.

I’d like to Join, but the category for my company does not exist.

No problem, simply drop us an email to info@vintage-network.co.uk and providing your category is vintage or antiques related we’ll get it added.

My company is already listed

If your company is already listed (sometimes we’ll automatically add a company we think will help vintage collectors), there is a claim button located on the sidebar. Simply fill in the form and we’ll get things sorted. 

Note: proof of ownership may be required. 



I run a fair but it’s not listed on your events calendar

If your fair or show is not on our site there are two ways to get it added. You can either add the fair yourself by creating an account then selecting “Add Fair” in your “My Account” section (recommended for greater control). Or you can send your details to us via email or using the form on the contact page. 

I’m a trader and I’d like to let visitors know if I’m attending a fair

Our fairs page is the most popular part of our site (in excess of 100,000 hits a month), so letting people know if you’re going to be at a particular event could be very useful. We have an “Attending” feature for each of the fairs and shows listed on the site. You need to be logged in and have a company listed in our directory in order to use this feature. Simply visit the page of the fair you wish to notify people of and in the sidebar you’ll see a checkbox with your company’s name. Check that box, and press “Submit” and your company will appear as attending.



I’d like to contribute?

We also have a vintage blog in the making. The idea is to share the wealth of knowledge that our vintage and antique friends have.  We are always keen to get other people involved and are open to many blog topics. If you’d like to submit an article for review, you can either use the upload form located in “My Account” > “Submit Article” or email us directly at info@vintage-network.co.uk