How much do you charge?

Most of the features and services on Vintage Network are free to use. However we are looking to introduce advanced features which will give event organisers more exposure to our visitors.

How long have you been running?

The Vintage Network has been providing a service for vintage traders and the general public since 2016.

Is your site secure?

We use SSL encryption which helps to prevent ‘middle man’ hacking attempts. In the current age every site should be using SSL encryption. Just look for the padlock in your browser for confirmation.


Can I join your directory?

Absolutely. As long as you’re a trader or have a company which operates within the interests of vintage or antique items you’re more than welcome to sign up.

How can I join?

You need to sign up for a free account. Once this account has been created you can find a link to create your companies listing from your “My Account” sidebar

I’d like to Join, but the category for my company does not exist.

No problem, simply drop us an email to and providing your category is vintage or antiques related we’ll get it added.

My company is already listed

Sometimes we’ll automatically add a company we think will help vintage collectors, so your company may already be listed. If you’d like to take control of this listing, then drop us an email to 

Note: proof of ownership may be required. 


I run a fair but it’s not listed on your events calendar

If your fair or show is not on our site there are two ways to get it added. You can either add the fair yourself by creating an account then selecting “Add Fair” in your “My Account” section (recommended for greater control). Or you can send your details to us via email or using the form on the contact page.