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Come and see our antiques, collectables and vintage treasures. We are committed to good quality small items that we hope will bring the past back to life for you – perhaps little reminders of special times and people; perhaps because you love collecting beautiful vintage pieces; perhaps simply because they don’t make things like this any more.

Sometimes the true beauty can only be appreciated in close-up: the way a stone reflects light; the delicate engravings to silverware, the brush-strokes and imperfections of hand-painted pottery. We aim to photograph a tiny detail of every item that might otherwise be overlooked. We avoid damaged items (unless in exceptional circumstances they are very special and still usable). Of course, pre-loved items are seldom in perfect condition but we give an honest and full condition appraisal for every one.

Above all, we strive to give maximum customer satisfaction. We welcome queries, will send more photos on request, we dispatch quickly and our returns policy is comprehensive. Whether just browsing or buying, we want you to enjoy our shop!